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Are your fire safety arrangements and Fire Risk Assessments up to date?

Many of the Fire and Rescue services are very active at present and are visiting premises to enforce fire safety. If you cannot provide a copy of your Fire Risk Assessment then they may take further action. We can help you after such a visit, but we would prefer to help you before the visit.

It is well known that fire can kill and that many businesses do not recover from a serious fire. Compliance with Fire Safety legislation is an increasingly important aspect of the management of Health & Safety for many workplaces. Since the enactment of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO), businesses are increasingly being asked by the Fire Officer for their Fire Risk Assessments. Failure to provide this Fire Risk Assessment may lead to an improvement notice being served or some other enforcement action. CoLaw can assist you and your business to meet its Fire Safety duties.

Let us help you - we can:

  • Assist you with your fire safety duties
  • Carry out a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) for you (based on PAS79 2012)    
  • Create a Fire Safety Improvement Plan for you
  • Help to create emergency procedures for you
  • Provide suitable documentation for fire records

Many of the measures that we recommend are simple and often low cost, yet are effective at reducing your risks from fire, protecting you, your employees and your business.

Our Fire Safety Specialist

Our fire specialist served over 25 years with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service both as an operational fire fighter and a fire safety officer.  During his career he attended numerous fires and incidents and also received the Chief Fire Officer Special Recognition on two separate occasions.  He has considerable experience in most aspects of fire safety including license and certified premises, schools and colleges, hotels, residential care and other sleeping risk premises, as well as multi and single occupancy factories, shops etc.  He is a graduate member of the Institute of Fire Engineers, member of the Fire Protection Association and has attended various courses at the Fire Service College, Morton-in-the-Marsh.

Although CoLaw are based in Loughborough, Leicestershire and are ideally situated to serve clients in and around Leicester and the East Midlands they also serve a wide range of client throughout the UK, carrying out a great deal of work in London. Whereever you are, we can assist you with your fire risk assessment.


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