Furlough: Where do you stand as an employer/employee?

April 13, 2020

The past month has been a strange one – I’m sure you’d agree! Millions of workers in Britain have been forced to learn a new word, of which has come amid the COVID-19 pandemic, where businesses are rushing to cut costs and save their company. This word is “furlough”.

Can a worker take holiday during a period of furlough?

April 6, 2020

The question every employer is asking right now especially with the double Easter bank holiday weekend looming. The Government introduced the Job Retention Scheme, allowing employers during the current COVID-19 crisis to place their workers onto a period ‘furlough’.

What impact will Brexit have on employment law?

March 24, 2020

With the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, the question of how this separation will impact Employment Law can seem unclear.

Changes in Employment Law for 2020

March 24, 2020

Back in December 2019, the Queen outlined 40 or more new potential Employment Laws which could be brought in over the next 12 months, relating to...


March 24, 2020

Managing Personal Relationships in the Workplace

February 4, 2020

This is a topic which many business owners and employers often find difficult to handle. But it is an area where simply ‘doing nothing’ can lead to future issues and can therefore be costly to ignore.

When it comes to HR, the best things in life aren’t always free

January 23, 2020

Many businesses are offered a ‘free HR service’ when they join membership-based organisations or associations, the service being listed as one of the many perks of paying their monthly fee.

Predicting great things for HR in 2020

January 20, 2020

We are at the beginning of a new decade and that naturally takes our thoughts towards what the next 10 years might look like. As we cover all aspects of HR and Employment Law Services, the CoLaw list of expected industry trends in the 2020’s could be a particularly long one, so instead we have chosen to concentrate on what we think we’ll see much more of within the realms of HR.

Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

January 7, 2020

Whether you work with 5 people, or 5,000, paying attention to mental health in the workplace has never been more important. 1 in 6 workers in the UK admit to being affected by negative mental health at some-point during their career.

10 signs that you need to address employee issues

December 8, 2019

A strong team is the foundation of a successful business! However, it only takes one problematic employee to unbalance those foundations. Everyone faces personal issues at one time or another however, if you find an employee with issues cropping up repeatedly then you might have a problem… and when organisations leave these employee issues unaddressed – things can quickly become a serious and potentially costly problem.